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Create your best day

Create your best day

Wiiihooo! I´ve had just a fabulous day and I´m happier than ever. And now you may think I won the lottery? Or that I´ve reached some great goal of my dreams? Or that I found my dream house? Or that I… no no no and no. Nothing “big” has happened but it has been this perfect day. I made it the perfect day all by my self. Isn´t that just great? Let me tell you about this perfect day and how I made it a happy day.



Howdy, Babes!

AwesomeI´m so thrilled over an email I got yesterday. The mail came from a publishing company for e-books and they where interested in hire me as an author to write an e-book about creativity in groups. So, tomorrow the agent are giving me a call so she can tell me more about this exciting project. I´m gonna write the book in Swedish and maybe they´ll translate it to English too.

I´m also very happy that we have summer today. I say today because the sun is actually shining right now and it makes me so happy because we´ve had so much rain this summer.

What makes you happy today? I guess you know that the way to happiness is the small everyday things.

Wish you a  great day!

You Rock!!!

I´m so Rocking excited

I wanna start with a very warm and rocking welcome to my new blog! I´m so excited to write this first post and I´m gonna introduce my self to all of you. My name is Cecilia Karvegard and I´m a Swedish woman which explains why my English may not be perfect all the time. I think my spelling is rather good but the grammar may vary some and I hope you can overlook that and instead focus on the content.

I´m about 40-ish, married with this great drummer, have 2 daughters, 2 grandsons and live in a wonderful house on the beautiful countryside in Sweden. I work as a writer and speaker. I´ve studied behavior science and stress management and love to spread inspiration both in writing and speaking. More about me you´ll find under “About me” above.

On this blog I´m gonna share tips about Positive Thinking and other great stuff for a greater and richer life both in writing and in short videos.

International speaker, Cecilia Karvegard

You Rock!!!