Be a Rockstar

You and You, the most important relation, ever

Treat yourself like you treat others

Treat yourself like you treat others

The relationship with yourself is life-long and the most important relation you´ll ever have. A very common motto is: “Treat others as you want to be treated”. I have chosen to “rebuild” the motto to serve better with reality to: “Treat yourself like you treat others.” We are often experts in dwelling in negative thoughts, we judge ourselves very hard, tell ourselves that we are useless, say to ourselves that we will fail in everything, we almost vomit when we look in the mirror because we are so ugly and fat. (more…)

Why RockBabe? 2

Swedish RockBabeI think it´s time to explain this thing with RockBabe to you. I am the first Swedish rockstar that doesn´t sing or play any instrument. And I started to use my “middlename” RockBabe when I started to speak about Rockstar status. It sounds weird in English and some words are very hard to translate, especially when the word doesn´t really exists in Swedish either. But it´s about having the same status as a Rockstar. My definition of that is as follow: (more…)