Practice doing nothing 2

Create your best day

Create your best day

Wiiihooo! I´ve had just a fabulous day and I´m happier than ever. And now you may think I won the lottery? Or that I´ve reached some great goal of my dreams? Or that I found my dream house? Or that I… no no no and no. Nothing “big” has happened but it has been this perfect day. I made it the perfect day all by my self. Isn´t that just great? Let me tell you about this perfect day and how I made it a happy day.


Why RockBabe? 2

Swedish RockBabeI think it´s time to explain this thing with RockBabe to you. I am the first Swedish rockstar that doesn´t sing or play any instrument. And I started to use my “middlename” RockBabe when I started to speak about Rockstar status. It sounds weird in English and some words are very hard to translate, especially when the word doesn´t really exists in Swedish either. But it´s about having the same status as a Rockstar. My definition of that is as follow: (more…)

5 tips for your wellbeing 2

1374569_10151721749908215_1064447126_nToday is a day of happiness and celebration for me and that´s the way I want my life to be. Yesterday I told you about an e-mail I got from a publishing company for e-books and today the editor phoned me and we talked about the details and then I got the contract in my inbox. Isn´t that just fantastic! I love life when everything goes easy and that´s the way it´s supposed to be. That´s the way Law of Attraction describes how it should be. So me and my husband have celebrated tonight with some good food and a glass of wine.

In this post I´m gonna give you 5 tips that will increase your wellbeing. If you make these tips to a habit you will see longterm changes in your mood, wellbeing and in your life in general. (more…)


Howdy, Babes!

AwesomeI´m so thrilled over an email I got yesterday. The mail came from a publishing company for e-books and they where interested in hire me as an author to write an e-book about creativity in groups. So, tomorrow the agent are giving me a call so she can tell me more about this exciting project. I´m gonna write the book in Swedish and maybe they´ll translate it to English too.

I´m also very happy that we have summer today. I say today because the sun is actually shining right now and it makes me so happy because we´ve had so much rain this summer.

What makes you happy today? I guess you know that the way to happiness is the small everyday things.

Wish you a  great day!

You Rock!!!

An effective way to stop negative thinking

Here is a short post with a great tip for stopping a negative thought.

The best way to stop negative thinking is to distract your brain. After you´ve distracted it you just replace the negative thought with a more positive thought. Just take a rubber band as you see on the picture below. Put it around your wrist and pull it away from the wrist and let go so you feel pain. As soon as the rubber band hits your wrist the pain will distract your brain for a moment and that gives you a couple of seconds to start a new, positive thought. So easy and so effectiveRubber band. Wish you luck!

You Rock!!!



Affirmations doesn´t work for me 1

Make affirmations work for you

Make affirmations work for you

An affirmation is a positive statement with the purpose to help you make a positive change to your life. Here are some examples:

* I´m happy and joyful
* Everything works out fine for me
* I´m healthy and strong
* Money flows to me
* I´m a magnet for money
* I love my body
* I´m slim and fit

And affirmations are a very effective tool to work with but I´ve noticed that some people experience that affirmations doesn´t work for them. So in this post I´m gonna tell you the secret to get your affirmations to work fast and effective. (more…)

Do not belive that you are somebody 1

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

In Sweden we have this “law” that´s called Jante´s law. It´s a really stupid law that undermine a persons selfesteem and uniqness. The law was written by the Norweigan-Danish author Aksel Sandemose 1933 in his novel A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks. Every swede knows that the Jantelaw is diminishing and destructive but it has a very strong influence in the Swedish society. This you can see, not only in what people do but also in how people treats you if you do something out of the ordinary. I sometimes get the question if I´m born in USA or if I´ve lived there for a long time because I have a kind of “success-attitude” that you seldom find in Swedes. (more…)

I´m so Rocking excited

I wanna start with a very warm and rocking welcome to my new blog! I´m so excited to write this first post and I´m gonna introduce my self to all of you. My name is Cecilia Karvegard and I´m a Swedish woman which explains why my English may not be perfect all the time. I think my spelling is rather good but the grammar may vary some and I hope you can overlook that and instead focus on the content.

I´m about 40-ish, married with this great drummer, have 2 daughters, 2 grandsons and live in a wonderful house on the beautiful countryside in Sweden. I work as a writer and speaker. I´ve studied behavior science and stress management and love to spread inspiration both in writing and speaking. More about me you´ll find under “About me” above.

On this blog I´m gonna share tips about Positive Thinking and other great stuff for a greater and richer life both in writing and in short videos.

International speaker, Cecilia Karvegard

You Rock!!!