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One thing that made me happy yesterday

One thing that made me happy yesterday

My daily goal is to be happy. My mission is to inspire you to get more happiness in your life and I do it with my posts here at my blog for instance where I share lots of tips. Another way to do it is to inspire you to try yourself and therefore I´ve started a challenge at Instagram called: This makes me happy. The challenge is a perfect way for you to be more happy through the day, to be happy more often and for you to see how your life seems to get easier. All you have to do is to look for things that makes you happy and then take a photo of your findings. You post your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #thismakesmehappy. Also tag me @karvegad in your photo. If you want to follow me on Instagram you will find me HERE.

This challenge forces you to change your focus cause you´ll spend your day looking for things that makes you smile and after a couple of days you will make some great results in your life and in your relationships. The challenge will go on for at least a couple of weeks and I really hope you will join me to get a great change in your life towards more happiness.

See you on Instagram!

You Rock!!!

Happy for no reason

Happy for no reasonI´ve had a fabulous day today! Just awesome! I have a cousin who lives in Portland, Oregon and she is now here in Sweden visiting her mom and friends. I think it´s ten years since we met so it was wonderful to meet her today. She and her mother came to visit me today and I loved every minute. So right now I´m just sitting here with a big smile feeling totally happy. So, today it was really easy for me to reach my daily goal: to be happy. This gives me another memory to put in my bank of things being happy for another day when it´s harder to reach my daily goal of feeling happy. I guess that you already have figured out the topic of this post. Yes, today I´m gonna write about being happy for no reason and that´s really my favorite topic. Ready?