12 ways to keep the spark alive

love-each-other-700771_1280Lovely monday! I love to share inspiration with you and today I´m so happy to present to you 12 ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship So grab your copy below.


How to get rid of negative thoughts

Blekrosa rosorI´ve had this amazing week so yesterday I bought this beautiful roses to me. Cause I´m worth it! This week I´ve been working on some freebies for my readers and I really hope you´ll like them. The first freebie will help you to implement positive thinking as a natural being for your thoughts.

The other day I wrote a post with 10 reasons positive thinking benefits you and in that post I promised you my best tips for creating positive thoughts. You can read the earlier post by clicking HERE.


Happy for no reason

Happy for no reasonI´ve had a fabulous day today! Just awesome! I have a cousin who lives in Portland, Oregon and she is now here in Sweden visiting her mom and friends. I think it´s ten years since we met so it was wonderful to meet her today. She and her mother came to visit me today and I loved every minute. So right now I´m just sitting here with a big smile feeling totally happy. So, today it was really easy for me to reach my daily goal: to be happy. This gives me another memory to put in my bank of things being happy for another day when it´s harder to reach my daily goal of feeling happy. I guess that you already have figured out the topic of this post. Yes, today I´m gonna write about being happy for no reason and that´s really my favorite topic. Ready?


One of the hardest things to do 2

I don´t have time

I don´t have time

Very often I hear people say that they don´t have time to take a break for 10 minutes or even 5 minutes. My answer in that case is that you then have to prepare for a very, very long break. Maybe a break for a couple of years or more cause that´s how long it takes to recover from being burnout. But most people live as if they never have to refill any fuel at all. Mental stress or brain stress is the most common stress today and it´s also the most dangerous because it´s active most of our waken time. In this post I will give you 5 stress-relieving tips and I will also give you a bonus tips which is one of the hardest thing to do. But first I will give you a list of some of the effects from brain stress just to show you how it will effect you at work:


An effective way to stop negative thinking

Here is a short post with a great tip for stopping a negative thought.

The best way to stop negative thinking is to distract your brain. After you´ve distracted it you just replace the negative thought with a more positive thought. Just take a rubber band as you see on the picture below. Put it around your wrist and pull it away from the wrist and let go so you feel pain. As soon as the rubber band hits your wrist the pain will distract your brain for a moment and that gives you a couple of seconds to start a new, positive thought. So easy and so effectiveRubber band. Wish you luck!

You Rock!!!