You and You, the most important relation, ever

Treat yourself like you treat others

Treat yourself like you treat others

The relationship with yourself is life-long and the most important relation you´ll ever have. A very common motto is: “Treat others as you want to be treated”. I have chosen to “rebuild” the motto to serve better with reality to: “Treat yourself like you treat others.” We are often experts in dwelling in negative thoughts, we judge ourselves very hard, tell ourselves that we are useless, say to ourselves that we will fail in everything, we almost vomit when we look in the mirror because we are so ugly and fat. You would never treat a friend, acquaintance, colleague or family member like that. We have much more understanding, acceptance and patience with others’ weaknesses than our own. Of course some self-criticism is useful but not too much of it. But if you start treating yourself a bit more like you treat others then you have come a long way to become the rock star in your life.

20110830771When you prioritize and take care of yourself, you will get more energy that helps you to be more present in the moment and gives you more energy to be there for your loved ones. Both you and your family have a lot to gain by you taking care of yourself and your thoughts.
Putting yourself first means that you regularly do things just for your wellbeing and it does not need to be anything big or fancy. The more often you do it the less time you need to set aside each occasion.
Take a day off when you are completely for yourself and only do things that you enjoy; read a book, write, paint, sing, dance or whatever it may be.


Know that you are an amazing person! You are a unique combination of experience, personality, education, qualities, interests, knowledge, experience and dreams.

There is only one person on this earth who has your uniqueness and that is you!

You are the best person in the whole world to be YOU! There is no one else that can do it as good as you do!

You Rock!!!

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